Liz Jensen

Testimonies for Liz Jensen

“My Gold Dust mentorship working with Liz Jensen was incredible. Liz was insightful, encouraging, but honest, so I knew I could completely trust her feedback, both positive and constructive. She praised my characters and voice but she was not reluctant to tell me when a scene wasn’t working. She was right! She read my entire novel draft over our months together. Every month I would polish 10,000 words and she would read them and send comments and then we had wonderful conversations about the work. Over the months, she identified patterns in my writing and I learned to correct them under her guidance. She helped me see methods to deepen my characters and strengthen their appeal to readers. Her editorial techniques for revision were incredibly helpful.

I learned so much from her, more than graduate classes, more than any workshop. Gold Dust gave us the flexibility to structure our sessions to our mutual satisfaction. Gold Dust and Liz Jensen provide a fantastic resource for writers.”Julie Wakeman-Linn, mentored in 2018


“Liz is an excellent mentor and creative writing teacher, and it’s an inspiring experience to work with her. She immediately dug into the deeper layers of my story and helped me to discover what it was that I really wanted to say. Liz is a master at asking the right kinds of question about a novel. Talking to Liz has given me great incentives for moving my story forward and has helped me see my characters from different angles. Liz has a genuine feel for how stories work, which makes her feedback so incredibly valuable.”
Louise Stechow, mentored in 2018


“Liz is a very engaging and supportive mentor with a wealth of technical expertise.”
Stephanie Scott, mentored in 2017