Kathryn Heyman

kathryn heymanTestimonials for Kathryn Heyman

‘Well within my target year, the novel was out there in the real world, with an agent.’ ‘I found this mentorship invaluable.

‘When I first met Kathryn last May, I had been working on my novel on and off for three years, struggling to make the transition from short stories. I was wallowing around in almost 70,000 words which were not really going anywhere and I’d given myself one last year to sink or swim. Kathryn and I made a plan, set deadlines to keep up the impetus and – with wonderful brio and humour – she encouraged me to be brave, to put aside sentence by sentence fiddling until I had tackled the larger structure of my novel. The focus on plot and structure was just what I needed and, with her consistent support and guidance over the months, I grew confident enough to cut away great chunks and rearrange others, and to keep pushing on. Kathryn is a stimulating and inspirational teacher. At each stage, with clear thinking, infectious energy and enthusiasm, she provided detailed verbal and written constructive criticism, mixed with praise, and she was particularly skilful at prompting me to ask myself questions, about each character and their role in the narrative, about tension and the ordering of scenes. It was exactly what I needed. Kathryn’s guidance helped me to ‘discover’ what my novel was actually about. Well within my target year, the novel was out there in the real world, with an agent.’
– Jane Rusbridge, author of The Devil’s Music (Bloomsbury)

‘Kathryn Heyman is a revelatory teacher.  I love her directness, her  honesty, her clarity and her humour.  There is always laughter,  sometimes an epiphany – literally I feel like I’ve heard the slud and  slide of pieces/words/stories falling into place.  She is brilliant,  and each time I have gone away with the confidence to know what to do.‘
– Miranda Doyle author of The Book of Untruths (Faber)

‘Kathryn has been a fantastic mentor to me. Her gifts of insight, clarity and focus suffuse all her reading and feedback. Her handle on my strengths and weaknesses is a sure one and she often seems to ferret out my intentions even before I quite know myself what they are. Our conversations are full of warmth and good humour and she just keeps spurring me on. My clearest words of recommendation: if I had the chance to do it all over again, I would do so in a heartbeat.’
– Joel Graham

‘Having a professional spend time looking at my manuscript and being able to offer advice on all aspects of writing was invaluable – I would highly recommend it to everyone with a manuscript that is not quite there yet – a second opinion (that isn’t your best friend or your mother) is incredibly useful – and with this scheme you can always argue your case.’
– Victoria Patch

‘I was tutored by Jill Dawson and Kathryn Heyman who both gave me insight and encouragement. They are both delightful and accomplished women and it was a pleasure to meet them. Although I only ‘met’ Kathryn on the phone, we immediately established a good rapport I hope to have a short story published this year as a direct result of their help and encouragement. I have no hesitation in recommending this course to anyone wishing to fine tune their creative writing skills.’
– Sadie Morgan