Jane Rogers

Jane RogersTestimonials for Jane Rogers

‘Jane provided insightful, supportive, and practical counsel. Her careful appraisal and perceptive feedback (including excellent reading suggestions) greatly improved my novel manuscript. I found her approach to editing transformative, and I know what I’ve learned from our mentorship will be of real help as I move on to my next writing project. It was a pleasure to work with her.’
– Clare Carlin, 2017


‘Gold Dust has been a brilliant choice for me. Working with Jane has been both a pleasure and a privilege.  Her patience has been immense as everything took me longer than I’d expected.  But to have such an intelligent, generous and experienced first reader of tender drafts has given me the courage to persevere.

‘I started Gold Dust with a very rough first draft and worked with Jane through various versions of a second draft – trying to get the structure right and have now completed a reasonably coherant third draft and am just polishing a fourth draft which will go out to agents.

‘I have found Jane’s notes on my text so helpful that we have needed reletively little face to face time.  I think you know you are getting the right advice when it makes so much sense that you can’t believe you hadn’t noticed it yourself. I often find myself thinking – yes of course, of course as I read her responses.

‘I would recommend the Gold Dust mentoring scheme to any first time novelist and am grateful to you for giving the opportunity of working with such a great writer and teacher.’
– Sally-Anne Lomas