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To apply, please submit this form or make an enquiry via this email address. Once received we will discuss who would be the right mentor for you and you will be invited to submit a small sample of your work in progress.

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Your application will be assessed and we will contact you by email.

The fee of £3300 is payable on acceptance to the scheme, on signature of a contract between Mentor and new writer. Please note: some mentors charge VAT at 20%.

Gold Dust has limited place numbers and we regret that not all those wishing to apply to the scheme will find a place. The judges’ decisions will be final and no correspondence entered into. Only those wishing to write fiction and/or life-writing (autobiography, biography, memoirs) are eligible to apply. Your work will be treated in the strictest confidence. The copyright of your work is automatically yours and remains yours at all times. Mentors will be chosen according to availability, location and compatibility with work submitted. In the event of the relationship breaking down Gold Dust will negotiate to find a solution. However, fees are non returnable.

We regret that work will not be returned. Thank you and good luck!